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Midori Herringbone Ribbon
Herringbone ribbon is 100% polyester and available in 25 colors.
Midori Herringbone Ribbon
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Order 3/8" Herringbone 32.8 yard spool
Herringbone Ribbon Color:

The term Herringbone comes from the sewing reference to a twill fabrication method with a pattern made up of rows of parallel lines in opposite directions forming a zigzag pattern. Midori Herringbone ribbon is a traditional herringbone ribbon in medium and soft tones. Perfect for packages, elegant bindings, and accents. We are happy to offer you 25 beautiful colors in three sizes.

Order 1/2" Herringbone 32.8 yard spool
Herringbone Ribbon Color:

Order 5/8" Herringbone 32.8 yard spool
Herringbone Ribbon Color:

Black HE017
Oyster HE016
White HE015
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Bone HE0005
Pink Tulip HE020
Blush HE001
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Venus HE021
Peony HE002
Red HE003
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Green Leaf HE027
Lavender HE024
Passion HE019
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Daffodil HE022
Sunshine HE006
Passion Fruit HE009
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Lemon Grass HE010
Fig HE008
Oceana HE011
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Ciel HE023
Prussian HE028
Sky Blue HE012
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Forget-Me-Not HE014
Marine HE013
Antique Gold HE007
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Umber HE004
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Generous lengths of all available colors Herringbone
Sample Set $22.00

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