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Midori Rayon Trimming Ribbon
Rayon Trimming ribbon is 100% rayon and available in 38 colors.
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100yd. 9/16" Bolt $46.40
The ribbon shown below can be ordered by the bolt only.

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The 9/16" wide ribbon shown below can be ordered by the bolt only.
To order full bolts online click on each color for a close up view and to select your quantity.
Oceana RT178
Eucalyptus RT087
Lemon Grass RT172
Green Tea RT031
Click to order Oceana
Click to order Eucalyptus Click to order Lemon Grass Click to order Green Tea
Tomatillo RT206
Sable RT135
Espresso RT203
Milk Chocolate RT204
Click to order Tomatillo
Click to order Sable
Click to order Espresso
Click to order Milk Chocolate
Nutmeg RT127
Fawn RT110
Persimmon RT310
Marigold RT009
Click to order Nutmeg
Click to order Fawn Click to order Persimmon Click to order Marigold
Sunshine RT175
Linen RT073
Putty RT146
Ballerina RT162
Click to order Sunshine Click to order Linen Click to order Putty Click to order Ballerina RT162
Lox RT120
Ruby RT167
True Red RT071
Lipstick RT102
Click to order Lox
Click to order Ruby RT167
Click to order True Red
Click to order Lipstick
Cotton Candy RT002
Bubble Gum RT122
Rosebud RT202
Pink Cherry RT006
Click to order Cotton Candy Click to order Bubble Gum Click to order Rosebud Click to order Pink Cherry
Cream RT801
White RT001
Black RT055
Marine RT190
Click to order Cream
Click to order White
Click to order Black
Click to order Marine
Viola RT198
Wisteria RT196
Wild Aster RT140
Ice RT187
Click to order Viola Click to order Wisteria Click to order Wild Aster Click to order Ice
Cornflower RT081
Caribbean RT181
Aqua RT207
Oregano RT134
Click to order Cornflower
Click to order Caribbean
Click to order Aqua
Click to order Oregano
Adriatic RT183
Atlantis RT180
Click to order Adriatic
Click to order Adriatic
Generous lengths of all available colors Rayon Trimming
Sample Set $36.00
Rayon is made from wood or cotton pulp and was first known as artificial silk. Rayon was the first manufactured fiber to be developed. A Swiss Chemist, Georges Audemars invented the first crude artificial silk about 1855. He actually dipped a needle into liquid mulberry bark pulp and gummy rubber to make threads. This of course was slow and inaccurate. Quite a few years later Avtex Inc first commercially produced “artificial silk” or Rayon in 1910 in the US. The term rayon was first used in 1924.

Midori Rayon Trimming is made of 100% Rayon, making it very durable, washable and of course popular among designers and consultants for accenting designs.

Here are some Midori ribbon that you may be interested in:
Double Faced Satin
Satin Icon
and Tidings
Dupioni Silk

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