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Velvet Satin Midori Ribbon
Midori Ribbon Velvet Spools
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Midori Handmade Gift Wrap
1/2" 10.9yds. for $75.60
Available in 10 colors and 1 width. The ribbon is 50% rayon and 50% polyester, and comes in a length of 10.9YDS (10M) per roll.
The velvet ribbon shown below can be ordered by clicking on the image of the color you want.
You will be brought to a page where you can view a larger image and select the size you need.
Black Velvet/Silver
Satin VS090
Black Velvet/Gold
Satin VS010
Rose Velvet/Lime
Satin VS030
Click to order Black Velvet/Silver
Click to order Black Velvet/Gold Satin
Click to order Rose Velvet/Lime Satin
Chocolate Velvet/Petal
Satin VS102
Chocolate Velvet/Blue
Satin VS080
Chocolate Velvet/Periwinkle
Satin VS050
Click to order Chocolate Velvet/Petal Satin
Click to order Chocolate Velvet/Blue Satin
Click to order Chocolate Velvet/Periwinkle Satin
Feather Velvet/
Champagne Satin VS105
Feather Velvet/
Opal Satin VS106
Feather Velvet/
Dusty Rose Satin VS107
Click to order Feather Velvet/Champagne Satin
Click to order Feather Velvet/ Opal Satin
Click to order Feather Velvet/Dusty Rose Satin
Purple Velvet/Saffron
Satin VS070
Click to order Purple Velvet/Saffron Satin
This ribbon is discontinued so stock is limited
Midori velvet ribbons add the perfect touch. Not only are they beautiful to hold, wonderful as embellishments, and sensuous to the touch, velvet ribbons are also used to express emotions and feelings of pride. What would the holidays be without red and green velvet ribbons accenting the greenery of wreaths and garlands?

Here are some Midori ribbon that you may be interested in:
Double Faced Satin
Satin Icon
and Tidings

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