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Metallic Organza Ribbon
These ribbons are a blend of nylon and metallic thread.
The organza ribbon shown here can be ordered in ten yard sections or by the full bolt.

These metallic organdy ribbons are sold in 27 yard spools for $47 for 3/4" wide and $103 for 2" wide, well below retail.

To order, click on the color you want. You will be brought to a page where you can select the width and number of yards.

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Midori Woven Metallic ribbon is created by weaving nylon and metallic thread.

Weaving is an ancient textile art that involves placing two threads, one over, one under, (weft and warp) on a loom and turning them, creating a cloth. Nylon “the miracle fiber” was patented and introduced to the world in 1938. The first completely new synthetic fiber made by man. It was created by a brilliant scientist, inventor and scholar named Wallace Carothers. In 1931, he left Harvard and was hired by the DuPont Company to work in their research laboratory for the development of artificial materials. They were hoping to replace silk (to compete with China) and gave Carothers the task. He started by mixing three chemicals to form a new fiber, he then created the process of distilling water from the main components in order to remove it from the process, making for stronger fibers. This is how nylon was created. This stimulated ensuing discoveries of an entire new world of manufactured fibers. Soon after textile manufacturers could purchase the fiber for half the price of raw silk. Metallic thread is made from copper, gold or silver.

The ribbon shown below can be ordered by the bolt only.

Most orders ship within 72 hours.

Copper WM100
Gold WM200
Silver WM300
Midori Copper Metallic Ribbon Midori Gold Metallic Ribbon Midori Silver Metallic Ribbon
3/4" For $47
2" For $103
3/4" For $47
2" For $103
3/4" For $47
2" For $103

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