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5/8" x 16.4 yards for $45
Midori icon herringbone ribbon is 100% polyester with custom print.
marini glass
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Midori Handmade Gift Wrap
Icon on Herringbone Sample Kit - $12.00
Midori Tidings double faced satin is the perfect way to put that personalized elegant touch on a gift. With over 25 sayings, you can match any gift or decoration perfectly.

Double faced satin has been made and used by people for as early as the 11th century. Garments made with satin were first made only for the wealthy. It wasn’t until domestic production that it was available for everyone.

Satin weave superficially resembles twill but does not have the regular step in each successive weft that characterizes twills. Thus there is no strong diagonal line, and the fabric is smooth faced, with an unbroken surface made up of long floating warp yarns.

They are finished in a manner that avoids raveling, with edges, (selvages) running lengthwise, and parallel to the warp yarns.

Satin ribbon is a top choice among people both because of its physical properties (softness, smoothness, drape and shine) and its association with elegance, glamour, romance and opulence. We have many beautiful Tidings in an array of colors and sayings for you to choose from.

Here are some Midori ribbon that you may be interested in:
Double Faced Satin
Satin Icon
and Tidings
Dupioni Silk

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